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meeting with leopold now. the roads are starting to get wet. it's causing back ups in some places during the friday night rush hour. first, let's check in with wyatt everhart in the storm center with your look at the first forecast. is the rain going to stick around or go in and get out of here? we are tracking active weather, showers and wet weather. we will be back, one technical issue, we'll be right back in a minute.
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police in one community are hoping you can help them crack
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down on a series of break ins. severe weather in the midwest, the storms tearing through several times. the governor talks about those prepared to fight the same-sex marriage bill. first rs tonight, breaking news out of arundel, executive john leopold has been indicted and faces criminal charges of misconduct in office. he is accused of misusing executive protection team for his political and personal benefit. the prosecutor says he used the arundel county police officers as political campaign workers having them put at campaign signs for him. we will have more on the story for you at 11:00. christian schaffer is headed now to arundel for a one on one meeting with leopold now. let's take a look at your ride home , the roads are starting to get wet. traffic is going to slow down and cause back ups in places during the rush hour. let's check in with wyatt everhart in the storm center with a look at your first
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forecast. we had technical difficulties earlier. we were doing audio for a minute there, we are back. let's show you where the showers and storms are now. basically central maryland, south of baltimore, arundel, getting heavy downpours, a few bolts of lighting here across the southern part of kent island as well. heavy weather crossing the bay, headed towards centerville on the eastern shore. interesting we have seen more in terms of enhanced flood risk in western maryland. see the concerns, flood watches in to saturday morning, coastal flood advisory as well. to our west, unbelievable tornado damage reported out in southern indiana several towns, the early reports of extensive damage. those are the tornadic storm cells, weakening now as they cross from the kentucky, that weather maker headed our way. evening 50s with rain moving
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in. back to you. peop across the country are alert for a more severe weather. three people died in indiana because of the storms. it's caused thousands of dollars in damage and many problems , the forecast is calling for more of the same over the weekend. tj winnick has more from one of the hardest hit areas in tennessee. >> reporter: severe weather is spinning off more tornados in the deep south, reported twister touched down in northern alabama, in the same area where outbreak of tornados last april left be hundred people dead. forecasters say there is more to come, 13 people across 7 states have lost their lives to a total of 33 confirmed twisters. this wave of severe weather is the result of two fronts colliding. cold air in the north and warm air from the south, with a jet stream in between. jackson, mississippi, up through nashville and cincinnati are in the danger
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zone for a lift of tornados. >> my mother passed away here over there. >> reporter: she was skaggs mother, 69-year-old care lynn jones one of the residents killed during the wednesday night storm. this year has been especially nerve racking. >> usually as you head your way from winter to spring you see severe weather outbreaks. storms are coming early. this is a significant outbreak and ferocious storms. that has everybody on edge. >> reporter: they are powerful, the tornado that ripped through branson, missouri, was on the ground for 22 miles, the twister that flattened homes in illinois packed 170 miles per hour. one woman lost her home and told us she learned a sobering lesson this past week. >> be ready to meet him. that was tj winnick reporting. just in to the newsroom, three
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people have been killed in the latest round of storms in indiana. is your source for everything happens in tornado alley. we have teams of storm chasers going after the storms. many streamed these things live. see them as they race to get as close as they can to the most violent storms. go to, find tornado alley under the weather tab. arundel police are witnessing another rash of home burglaries in the severn and handover neighborhoods, 8 in a month. brian kuebler joins us with the latest. >> if you go back to the beginning of the year, two strings close to one another. police close the book on one, another emerges. mo in the latest trend is predictable, choose a neighborhood, find a house where i looks like no one is home, break in and take what
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will get quick cash. >> these are forced entries with the targeting jewelry, electronics, happening in the morning and afternoon hours and the same general vicinity. >> reporter: like here in the 400 block of ora drive, one target of 8 that police know of, in just more than a month. a rash that makes nearby residents judy ann allen, nervous, but also more vigilant. >> we pay attention and talk to neighbors and tell them these things are going on and be aware. one time we had a strong neighborhood association here. >> this maybe cause to strengthen it once again, any additional set of eyes can make a difference. if this sounds familiar it's because it is. last month, we told you a story of another rash of daytime home burglaries in an area close to this month's crimes. arundel police say they are not connected because they arrested the last of the three suspects just last night in the previous
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ring, this group is on the hook for several daytime burglaries in west glenn bernie and severnment they questioned these three and may find them linked to more. this perplexes police who are working and asking for the public's help to develop leads. >> we don't have information on a suspect or whether the suspects are using a particular vehicle. we need assistance from the public. we want to hear from them. >> arundel county police are also working to flood these neighborhoods with extra patrols. flights are back to regular schedules today at philadelphia international airport, a day after a terrifying incident that had experts questioning safety there. police say just after 10:00 yesterday morning, a jeep cherokee rammed through the gate at the west end of the
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airport. the driver who authorities identified as a 24 year old kept driving on to one of the main runways. the jeep was detected by ground radar and police started a chase. one >> it was a close call. this is something we normally don't deal with. this is a dangerous situation. the suspect was dunk and he is charged with driving under the influence, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. perimeter security is inspected by bwi operations employees as well as airport police. they t airport is fenced in, with guarded gates where badges
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are needed to get inside. sheridan high school, four days after a shooting claimed the lives of three classmates. police are on hand to make sure things run smoothly. charges were filed against tj lane who prosecutors say admitted firing ten shots at students in the cafeteria. students at bowling green state university in ohio are mourning the death of three classmates killed in a crash. police say a car filled with five women was hit head on by a driver going the wrong way. the driver was also killed. authorities believe the car or student was headed out of town to go to spring break. new details of the prosecution's case against former football coach jerry sandusky accused of sexually abusing boys , the details are emerging. court documents filed show prosecutors believe sandusky's alleged victims were as young as 8 years old and some
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molested on the university's campus. he is on house arrest waiting for the trial to begin in may. governor martin o'malley signed the same-sex marriage bill in to law. people oppose ready getting organized collecting signatures and setting up a website to get the measure on the ballot in november. they need 55,000 signatures. the governor was asked about the efforts this afternoon. >> they are welcome to do. at the end of the day, the vast majority of marylanders, i believe, will see this bill as the right balance between protecting religious liberties and also protecting rights under the law. >> referendums on same-sex marriage failed in 31 states. update to a story we brought to you last month about a street in howard county. coon hunt court in oak land mills will likely get a new name. residents were unhappy with the name but would have shell out hundreds of dollars to get it
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changed. the government agreed to waive the fees. the new name hasn't been chosen but maybe something related to artist andrew white's paintings. on the go again tonight. this time checking out the maryland home and garden show. lots of flowers and good stuff out there. smells like spring probably out there. >> reporter: it does. i have to tell you, it's nasty weather outside but nice in here. all the flowers are blooming. we have something special tonight. i'm joined by sandra from habitat for humanity. >> we are having an exclusive, but open to the public, garden
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preview party, people can sip wine and wonder through the garden and enjoy the light fair, and watch live music as you have the gardens all to yourself. >> tell me about what they can find as they look around at the gardens , there is certain theme. >> every garden is around a particular themed book. when you first walk in to the main hall, you will see willie wonka, it smells like chocolate. >> reporter: brian is showing us a garden from as you like it, shakespeare as you like it. >> there is all kinds of things, fun here and exciting. what we really want to do is get people to come out, the tickets $60 at the door and they benefit our program where we build homes for deserving families. >> reporter: thank you very much. 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. >> come as you are. come in jeans or dressed up. >> reporter: the home and
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garden show is underway tomorrow, saturday and sundays also next weekend. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> good evening, i'm meteorologist, loren rickets. storms are moving through the area. see south of baltimore, through annapolis, that is where we see the heaviest rain across the bay. that is out of here lighter rain off to the west of us. we will continue to see that move through here, next few hours. few sprinkles, as the storms move up to the north and to the east. we do have flood concerns, though, we want to make your away, coastal flood advisory, get to howard county, montgomery county, central maryland and west, that's where a flood watch is up. both up until tomorrow morning with the rain moving through.
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two rounds of rain moving through, one now and one tomorrow morning as we get in to the saturday morning. see, traffic trying to move out there, of course it's coming just around the time for the commute home and it's got to be a friday. temperatures 46 degrees right now. much cooler than this time yesterday. humidity up at 93 degrees. visibility down 4 miles. keep your eyes on the road. bring that umbrella with you. 46 now in baltimore. 45 in dellous. 48 in easton maryland right now. temperatures very cool out there with the rain moving through. high today made it in to the lower 50s. towards the south, they made it up to 58 degrees. nothing near the 60s. we will be back in the 60s tomorrow once we get the rain moved through. first round of rain again, heavy storms down to the south, we could see a thunderstorm here in baltimore, lighter rain moving through. the second round to the west, that second round a cold front
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round that brought 46 tornados, indiana, kentucky, tennessee. i don't think we will see severe weather, most of it is going to lose moisture about the time it gets to the east coast. here is that warm front, first round of rain to the north. the cold front coming through on saturday morning. everything out of here by saturday morning, 8:00 or 9:00 a.m., we start the clearing out process for saturday, day. future trend, heavy storms moving through our area, that will continue to move through, we will get a little break in the storms through tonight and then our second round of showers comes through, by tomorrow morning, by tomorrow afternoon, we get a little bit of sunshine. temperatures moving up in to the 60s. the frontal system leaving was breezy conditions, saturday night and cloudy conditions on sunday. see overcast skies by the time we head in to sunday, getting ready for your work on monday. overnight 47. rain showers, few
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thunderstorms. we could see a few here in baltimore. not out of the clear yet. 47, little chilly out there. grab the umbrella and grab the umbrella for tomorrow. headed to 62 degrees as we clear up through the day, we will get sunshine late day clearing and then we will have the clouds again. back in the forecast tomorrow night and all through sunday, 34 cold and breezy. sheer a look at your seven-day forecast. temperatures go up for tomorrow, 62 degrees. dropping down to 50 sunday with the frontal system passing through the area. trending cooler for workweek. we got sunshine all the way through wednesday, in to thursday. temperatures back up to 62 degrees. friday, we are at 58. enjoy this weekend, just a few rain showers coming through tomorrow morning. have you wondered whether good looking people get away with things that others can't? that's the topic of the what would you do with the somewhat good looking john. they set up cameras in the salt like city area and put a microphone on an actor dressed
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down as a tomboy. they had to put things in to a backpack she wasn't going to pay for and watched to see if the customers snitched. >> excuse me, miss. this gentlemen says he saw you lift some stuff. >> i don't know what you are talking about. i'm just going to leave. >> empty your pack. give the stuff back. >> plenty of people were eager to tell on the first lady. this woman, beauty queen, find out tonight. what would you do if she was in the bikini stealing. shark tank at 8:00, followed by what would you do at 9:00. 2020 at 10:00. a man was acquitted in the death of his wife who drowned while sue ba diving on dissh
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scuba diving on their honeymoon. tonight's health alert, centers for disease control and prevention say hiv infection ace among drug addicts who use needles dropped down to half. 9% of needle drug users tested positive for the virus that causes aids in 2009. the study found that about half of those infected didn't know they had it. as you get older, you should get a better night's sleep according to a study published in the sleep journal. researchers surveyed 150,000 adults and found they reported better sleep quality the older they were. people in the their 40s said they didn't feel rested enough. news about women with cervical cancer. 92% cure among women when
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cancer was detect beside i a pap smear compared to 66% of women. 75% of women who died from cervical cancer had not had a pap smear as part of regular screenings. is our link for health needs. find the headlines and a different health category -- several health categories to find the information you and your family need. some people are opting for early labor as carrying a child is not easy. could they be hurting their own baby? why early labor is not the best thing. we can rebuild it and make it walk easier, we will have a remarkable story of an abused dog with a new lease on life and a new leg, too. ♪
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up to the minute with breaking news. arundel county executive has been indicted for misusing executive power for political and personal benefits. the indictment was announced this afternoon. leopold is charged with four counts of misconduct in office and several other charges. police in arundel are hoping people will be extra individual leapt after a series of home break ins, in the severn and handover areas. 8 homes have been broken in to. thieves are getting away with items that are easy to sell. police are asking anyone to pay
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attention and call if you have seen or heard anything. severe weather in the midwest, indiana department of homeland security reporting three people are dead after a tornado hit southern indiana this afternoon. the town of marysville has been wiped out. national weather service says there are extreme damaged areas about 20 miles north of kentucky as well. let's take a live picture at your ride home. the roads are wet and slick and causing slow downs and back ups. let's check in with wyatt everhart in the storm center with a look at the first forecast. >> we have been tracking pretty early weather here across maryland, with maryland's most powerful radar. central maryland with downpours, and some fairly heavy rain on the eastern shore, kent island, centerville, gray sonville, it's going to extend chester town and kent county on the shore to. e

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